10MoreNews Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is referral compulsory on 10MoreNews before I cash out my earnings?

On 10morenews Referral Earnings and Activity Earnings are treated separately. Referral Earnings can be withdrawn weekly when you have a minimum balance of ₦1000 naira (terms and conditions apply). Activity earnings can be withdrawn every week once you have a minimum balance of 3000 MARS (terms and conditions apply). So whether you refer or not you will get paid for your earnings on 10Morenews.

  • How do I Refer my friends and family to join 10MoreNews?

Provide your username to any of your prospect to enter in the REFERRAL field on the registration form. Once that is done, the referral bonus of ₦500 will be automatically awarded to you.

You can promote 10Morenews on forums, blogs, comments, chat rooms, chats, facebook wall, Facebook pages, groups, Twitter, google ad, whatsapp etc and earn monew on every new member that registered through your link.


Use the whatsapp link at the bottom of the website to contact the customer care of 10Morenews.

  • How does 10MoreNews generate money to pay her members monthly?

MoreNews generates from the sign up fee paid  by members to join 10Morenews and we also generate revenue from  advertisements display on our platform

  • How do I make money on 10MoreNews?

You can make money on Morenews under 2 categories. First is through the Morenews Referral Program (MRP) where you earn 50% i.e N500 referral commission from each individual you refer to Morenews. Through the MRP, you can earn at least 30k per month if you refer one person per day.

The second earning category on Morenews is through the Morenews Ad Revenue Sharing (MARS) program where you engage in different actvities on the 10Morenews website to earn MARS which can then be converted into Withdrawable naira at the end of each week. The naira obtained after converting MARS can be withdrawn every week and it will be paid directly into your bank account within 48hours.

The tasks/activities which reward users are:

  • Instant Registration Bonus = 100.00 MARS (one time)
  • Upload Profile Picture = 100.00 MARS (one time)
  • Upload Cover Picture =100.00 MARS (one time)
  1. Daily Login = 50.00 MARS
  2. Sponsored Post Sharing = 100.00 MARS
  3. Read Post = 2.00 MARS
  4. Commenting on Post  = 2.00 MARS
  5. Approved Submitted Post = 50.00 MARS
  6. Referral Commission = ₦500.00
  • How much can I earn on 10MoreNews?

The more the people you refer, news you submit, read, comment and share on 10MoreNews, the more the money you can make and the more the amount you can cash out on MoreNews.

  • When can  I Withdraw?

Payout request Form for referral earning is weekly and payment is processed within 48hours of request while Payout request Form for activity earning (MARS) is also weekly while Payout will be processed within 48 hours of request.

  • This can’t be real. Are you giving free money?

No, we are not giving away free money. We are paying you in order to generate traffic. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic your repeated use of the website generates.

  • How do I start earning money on 10MoreNews?

To start earning you will have to become a member of 10MoreNews, to become a member you will have to pay a registration fee of N1000 either by buying a coupon code from our authorized coupon code vendors or pay through the paystack payment gateway. After completing your registration, click to read how you can start earning.

  • How long will I continue to make money with 10MoreNews?

10MoreNews is NOT a Ponzi scheme, MLM Platform, HYIP, Pyramid scheme. Our source of revenue is through adverts and it is the same revenue we will share with you instead of keeping all of it to ourselves. We do not intend to stop this service at any point in time so you keep earning and getting paid each time your naira balance is up to the minimum payable amount.

  • Is it compulsory to refer my friends or someone to 10MoreNews before I can get paid?

No it is not. You will get paid as long as you are a registered member of 10Morenews and have the minimum withdrawable naira balance.

  • Can I Register More Than One Account?

No. We strictly prohibit that one user have more than one account. Any user detected to have more than one account will both of his/her account terminated and will loose all payable naira balance he/she may have.

  • Can I Use Someone’s else BANK ACCOUNT for withdrawal of my funds ?

If you don’t have a personal bank account and you want to receive your earnings through someone else’s account, it’s up to you. We will send your earnings to the bank account you provided when making a withdrawal but no one bank account is allowed to be used by two individuals/registered members of 10MoreNews.

  • How do I update my BANK Account details on 10MoreNews?

You can submit, update or edit your bank account details by going to dashboard>>profile>>edit profile, there you will be able to submit or change your bank account details, then save to activate it.

  • Why is my 10MoreNews account Blacklisted?

We understand the whole concept thing as everyone do not have the mind to understand how everything works instantly. Therefore, we try our best to explain most of the frequently asked question on our website.

If by any chance we observe unserious users, making absurd, frivolous and unwelcome comments, posts – such accounts would be blacklisted along with the associated users. Making reactions on our Facebook posts such as LOL, comments such as hmmm, lol, lmao, and anything related to such reaction which proves unseriousness among such defaulters would not be tolerated. Uncultured behaviour socially would also not be tolerated – such account would be permanently banned.

  • What Is 10MoreNews SPONSORED Post?

10MoreNews SPONSORED POST are posts from our Advertisers that need to be shared on your social media handles for you to earn. We make sponsored post available to you everyday to share on your facebook account.

  • How Can I Share SPONSORED POST?

Login to your 10MoreNews Account. Click Dashboard from the  Menu list, on the dashboard page, click HOME, scroll down the resulting page and locate sponsored page, click it, follow instructions and share the post.

  • I have been completing tasks but but my money is not increasing. How do I fix this?

Please log out of your account then log in again. Once you do this, EVERY earning for all tasks you have completed will be there. Moreso do not use opera mini for 10MoreNews Operations. Use either mozilla or chrome browser for an excellent earning experience on 10MoreNews.

  • Can Someone who stays outside Nigeria register and earn on 10MoreNews?

YES! We welcome anyone anywhere to join 10MoreNews and make money. However, we DO NOT pay to Bank accounts outside Nigeria. You must have a Nigerian bank account to get paid.

If you have questions that are not answered in this FAQ, kindly use the contact us form to ask your question or send some suggestions.

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PLS NOTE: You will earn ₦2 for each approved comment and you will loose ₦100 for each of your comment that violate our comment policy. To avoid violating any part of the comment policy, kindly read it by clicking HERE.