See CCTV Footage From The Robbery Attack On Wema Bank That Left Policemen Dead In Ekiti (Video)

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Thursday 26th September 2019 saw an attack that left two police officers dead immediately a bullion van arrived in Wema Bank Ise-Ekiti.

Two police officers have been confirmed dead and many persons injured. According to information, the heavily armed robbers stormed the bank around 2 pm on Thursday with two vehicles. The bank CCTV was able to capture some moments of what looked like clips from an action.

see CCtv footage below..

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Updated: September 27, 2019 — 12:56 pm


  1. Efcc see who u guys suppose to be following not all bad guys are bad leave yahoo and pursue dis guys,they are causing riot everywhere

  2. So sad may their soul’s rest in perfect peace and to the bank hardluck

  3. So painfully imaging those people that do such things to our Nigerian force may they rest in perfect peace

  4. This is really serious…. Nigeria is in a very bad or let me say worst situation but may God see us through Amen

  5. I pray may the soul of the innocent security have rest,oh my God what is this country turning into hmm

  6. wonders will never cease to happen,oh what a painful exist may God forgive their sins and so shall the departed ones rest in perfect peace

  7. This is really a sad piece of information. May God help us in this country

  8. Armrobbers are professional,few police men attach to a bank cannot over power them especially when they are angry for money.

  9. May God have mercy on those armrobbers and may the souls of the departed Police officers Rest In peace

  10. Those thief have really planned because for them to take down an officer down like that it means a lot and most times our security are at blame most of them don’t take there work too serious,for the dead ones i pray they make heaven

    1. My pain is that in Nigeria those at the helms of affairs are not proactive. Else this CCTV footage would have gone a long way to help track down the criminal.

  11. Thought such stories are long forgetten for we country, which type again kwanu…. Ekiti State sha

  12. hmm , this is serious Nigeria is in a very bad situation , to the extent of an officer been muthered

  13. That is serious, may other souls rest in perfect peace, I wish Nigeria government should empower all force men

  14. I Pray The cctv footage should be of help to capture the robbers.

  15. So sad i was there when the incident happened. It happens in my home town ise Ekiti where I’m from

  16. Oh this is really bad and altmost disheartening to the livings. May there souls rest in peace

  17. This is bizarre and cannibalistic to a nature. This should be stopped please

  18. This is disastrous an evil I pray that that may God help the family of the dead cops.

  19. This is really terrible,may their soul rest in peace,the people involved in the robbery should be punished

    1. Is only God can protect us in this country and for the man that dead, may his soul gentle rest in perfect peace.

  20. This is insane what this country is turning into, what happens to their families just imagine

  21. What kind of lawless society are we living in this is worrisome and is not going to take us anywhere.

  22. oh what a pity, armed robbers in broad day light, May God help us o, i feel pity for the police men, hmm, their families….

    1. What kind of lawless society are we living in this is worrisome and is not going to take us anywhere.

  23. I wish the desist rest in perfect peace, may God forgive his forthcoming.

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