ICPC Recovers Three Ambulances, 500KVA Transformer From Senator Buruji Kashamu (Pictures)

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The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) on Thursday said it has recovered three ambulances and a 500KVA Transformer which are Constituency Project items from Sen. Buruji Kashamu.

The agency said the items were part of 2016 Constituency Projects meant to be distributed to Ogun East Senatorial District.

The items were discovered at his Constituency Project Office in Ijebu Ode, Ogun State.

A statement by the Spokesperson for the Commission, Mrs. Rasheedat A. Okoduwa, mni, said the commission uncovered the items following intelligence alert by a concerned citizen.

The statement said: “The three ambulances which were procured at the cost of N6m each, were meant to be supplied to Obada Healthcare Centre, Oke Sopin in Ijebu North Local Government Area; Community Health Centre, Itele in  Ijebu East Local Government Area; and Community Health Centre, Ogijo in Sagamu Local Government Area respectively.

“The transformer is the last of an initial eleven meant for distribution to various communities of Ogun East Senatorial District which were procured at the cost of N3.6m each, bringing the total for the entire eleven transformers to N39.5m.

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“The commission received intelligence about the items from a concerned citizen who became aware of the commission’s Constituency Project Tracking Group initiative which exercise has so far covered 12 states of the federation.

“The recovered items were seized and the vehicles were moved to a Police Station while the 500KVA Transformer was marked with the Commission’s seizure seal and in the interim, kept in the custody of the Manager of the Senator’s office.

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Updated: September 27, 2019 — 9:40 am


  1. Can you just imagine Nigerian leader’s what is the meaning of this pls for him to hold the ambulance transformer

  2. This is what we have been experiencing with the people we the electorates send to represent us. He should be probed.

  3. Look at our Senator stealing our property, God is watching you ooo

  4. God has blessed so many men and woman in government house yet they still finds it difficult to help one another ,eating the national cakes alone that was meant to go round ,the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer now see what was found in someones residence ,solid ambulance vehicles and 500kva transformer ,what a country

  5. All politicians in Nigeria are scammers,they only aportion properties on themselves not minding the masses.

  6. Nigerians leader are heartless and corruption has taken over them. They have nothing to offer but to ruin to efforts of our heroes past

  7. That is good, we have people in Nigeria who singlehandedly can feed the whole people in Nigeria for over a year, but they are not helping

  8. That is good all politians who stole in the name of consetuency project should return all they stole.

  9. I just hope you collect all belongings in his possesion that is not his, why are this people never satisfied with what they have, they must steal

  10. There is a penalty for each and every human did. What a shameful world.

  11. Very very very not good enough although many are not serious

  12. that is not right of you Mr senator,let the government take a serious act on it no matter his rang In government

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