Iran sentences 3 Christians to prison

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Three Christians in Iran urge believers to pray for them as they and another Christian convert each received six-month prison sentences for their faith and Christian activities, activists told BosNewsLife.

The detention of Asghar Salehi, Mohammadreza Rezaei, Persian Christian converts from Fars Province, and the other believer is among a series of reported government-backed arrests of Christians in the strict Islamic nation.

Their imprisonment is part of what church workers describe as a growing underground Christian church in the country.

“Asghar, 43, came out of serious addiction and turned to Jesus Christ. He met with Mohammadreza, 35, and other Christians who had experienced similar problems with addiction,” said well-informed advocacy group Middle East Concern (MEC),

The group said last year, September 17, Iranian intelligence agents “raided Asghar’s and Mohammadreza’s houses” detained them and four associates at their homes.

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Updated: September 26, 2019 — 5:14 pm


  1. The country is becoming terrible how can Iran sentenced three Christians to prison ,what offence have they committed to deserve all that ,probably it may be of their Christianity/religion beliefs

  2. It’s a sign of end time, let’s be watchful and prayerful, I know the Lord will release them.

  3. This is the modern day prosecution of Christians and the Church. it is happening in different places all over the world. This is most bad thing to happen.

  4. I cant believe this news to be true as matters of religion is base on ones understanding not force

  5. This is the modern day prosecution of Christians and the Church. it is happening in different places all over the world

  6. That’s really terrible, everybody is entitled to his own religion

  7. I don’t think there should be a problem in any country for one to worship God in ur religion way

  8. This Iranians are evil, they love magnifying little things to be big, and it is always done against Christians

  9. It’s a end time thing. Everyone must be watchful for the devil is on rampage, looking for who to devoutly

  10. it good for them ,let them face their consequences in prison there, let the world say what the like

  11. This Iranian people sha, how could they imprison child of God on top of waiting, is only God can help us in this world

  12. They were charged to prison for their act, but in this world they will turn it upside down.

  13. I don’t really know what to say about this issue but will what they said be possible just because they are practising their religion and they get arrested why will anybody or country deny them of their right to religion check may be there is something wrong.

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