Football World Best Awards: FIFA Dismiss Claims Of Rigging Votes For Messi

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The Federation of International Football Association, FIFA, on Thursday dismissed claims that the world football governing body rigged the World Player of the Year award votes to ensure Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi won the top prize.

WITHIN NIGERIA reported how Messi won this year’s FIFA Best Player on Monday at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan, Italy ahead of Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk and Juventus superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Argentine captain took the top honor with 46 percent of scoring points, with Van Dijk receiving 38 percent and Ronaldo 36 percent.

However, FIFA’s The Best awards have been hit by a vote-rigging scandal, as football associations and captains have claimed they did not vote for Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi.

Nicaragua captain, Juan Barrera sparked calls for an investigation into the integrity of the vote after he insisted he did not vote for Messi.

“I did not vote Messi in The Best 2019 awards. Any information about me is false.” Barrera said on Twitter.

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Reacting to Barrera’s claims, FIFA released a statement to ESPN: “We have checked the voting documents submitted by the Nicaraguan FA and all documents are signed and confirmed with the official stamp of the Nicaraguan FA.

“Having compared with the vote sheets submitted by the federation and the ones we have published on, we confirm that we have the right votes signed by the player.

Do you think FIFA might have rigged The FIFA Best Footballer award in favor of Messi? Let’s hear your opinion in the comment box below.

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Updated: September 26, 2019 — 6:02 pm


  1. Messi deserves to be the winner because he is a good striker when it comes to football stuffs ,the award is meant for him alone .

  2. I don’t use to watch football but because of what people use to say about him. FIFA rigged the votes in-favor of Messi is a lie.

  3. Who ever said Messi did not deserved the award is joking let alone rigging votes

  4. I cant say if fifa rign the election or not but to me he doesn’t deserve such award base on his peformance of the season

  5. please let FIFA stop politics and face the true,messi is the world best footballer and he deserve the award

  6. I don’t understand why people would say FIFA rigged the votes in-favor of Messi when everyone knows he is a god in Football. Messi deserve the FIFA award case closed.

  7. This is badly bad then,
    I couldn’t believe this at all but has happened already.

  8. That is the world for you, it quiet unfortunate for to be doing this

  9. Good have been complaining on this before, Messi is not fit for the World Best Award 2019…

    1. Why will FIFA rigged voting for Messi people should stop politicalisings football Messi deserved to be the winner of this year best player award.

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