Bill Gates opened my eyes to healthcare issues in Nigeria – Dangote

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Aliko Dangote and Bill Gates: expected at NEC meeting on Thursday

The Chairman, Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote said that he had no idea the level of neglect in Nigeria’s health sector until he had a conversation with Bill Gates.

Dangote said on Wednesday in New York at the 2019 Goalkeepers meeting of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

He said that since his conversion with Bill Gates, he became more interested in doing something to improve children access to nutritional food and healthcare system in the country.

Dangote went further to say that his work through his foundation had helped to shape policy around nutrition in Nigeria.

For example, the Federal Government now has a policy on food fortification, making it compulsory for producers of certain products such as rice, sugar, wheat, spaghetti, noodles to include vitamin supplements in their products.

“When I started my foundation in 1994, I never realized we had this massive challenge in the health sector.

“Really, it was mind-boggling when we had this agreement to collaborate with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and that really opened my eyes to realize that there are a lot of challenges in health.

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“At that time I didn’t have the opportunity of meeting Bill but meeting Bill changed me into a different person.

“This is somebody that has nothing to do with us in Africa or Nigeria but he is putting his money and his soul into everything.

“He is very committed to helping humanity and that really surprises me a lot and I realized that he is a simple person and I never knew Bill would be this simple. He is a very soft-spoken guy and kind-hearted.

“It is very difficult to find people like Bill in this world. My only prayer is that in the next few years, I will try and give my chunk of wealth to charity to,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Co-founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr. Bill Gates said that he wouldn’t have had the kind of relationship he has in Africa without Dangote.

He commended Dangote for his work in helping children overcome malnutrition in Nigeria through food fortification.

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He said that balanced diet is important because a child’s ultimate survival past the age of five, depends on the nutrition he or she gets.

Gates also thanked Dangote for being a true friend and teaching him how to communicate with people instead of sending them an email full charts and expecting them to understand and see the problems and solutions he sees.

He noted that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was able to do more work in Northern Nigeria, with the help of Dangote who personally called six state governors and asked them to listen to him. (NAN)

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Updated: September 26, 2019 — 5:09 pm


  1. Bill gates that will be wonderful for opening ones eyes to see reality about health wise ,thus sir dangote if you follow the same steps that will be great .

  2. Bill Gates is a giver of his kind. And givers never lack. Dangote taking the same path will be to his good.

  3. Thank God for the understanding they both have concerning healthcare. Nigerian children are really suffering from malnutrition

  4. The main essence of being wealthy is to help those who are poor through any means you can

  5. Iron sharpens iron so is the saying. good partnership broadens One’s horizon. our healthcare system needs serious Intervention.

  6. We must commends Dangote for his foundation, the foundation over the year have help alot of sick people when they needed treatment here in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

  7. Bill Gates is a giver of his kind. And givers never lack. Dangote taking the same path willvbe to his good.

  8. God will continue to bless you sir for your love towards the needs may God give you the strength to do More oh

  9. That’s very good of you for the implementation of health activities that helped the needy

  10. I thanked both Bill Gates and Dangote for doing this for our country and I prayed to God to continue strengthen your power to do more..

  11. It is Very good of bill, he have added value to your life……..

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