Ten Ways To Get A Lady Say Yes To Your Proposal

It is one thing to find that person you love and it is another thing to make that person say YES to your marriage proposal.

It is the dream of every woman to hear this question from her man, will you marry me? Love is a strong word, feelings that brings two persons together to become one.

Finding the perfect marriage proposal idea might be hard for some lovers especially when making plans to spent the rest of your life with the person you love.

Below are proposal tips that can make you end up with your dream lover:

1. Propose by hiding the ring inside of a box of her favorite snacks.

2. Propose by telling her it is over between the two of you.

3. Propose by hiring a skywriter to write Will You Marry Me in the sky.

4. Propose by attaching the engagement ring to your dog’s collar and letting him bring it to her.

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5. Propose by putting her ring in the bottom of her champagne glass at a restaurant.

6. Propose by writing the message in Christmas lights.

7. Propose by inviting her with another lady for a date.

8. Propose by paying her a surprise visit to her office.

9. Propose by arranging with the police to arrest you for a crime.

10. Propose by having your child (or younger sibling or cousin) ask the question for you.

Updated: August 3, 2019 — 8:17 am


  1. Dats nice Sometimes you really gat to do it in a surprising way

  2. Well I thought some out of it is good to make proposal to the woman..

  3. i think relationship matters are serious because you need a lot of time and concentration to prove your heartfelt feeling so i think this is a good head start to getting it right when it comes to loving.

  4. Nice once it’s a good idea to proposed to a girl unexpected day

  5. This is really a helpful piece of information I think I will try it and see

  6. It’s a nice tips, but am not interested in this, me way I never chop go come dey carry girl go restaurant before to one girl

  7. Hmmmm this is a nice tip but I think anybody should propose to a woman that loves him or her

  8. Wonderful ways to propose to a lady but fortunately for me am married except I need to repurpose to my the angel of my life.

  9. Hmmm interesting but some of these things no go work for Nigerian woman body o.

  10. No matter what you do to a lady to make her accept your proposal will only work if she is willing to spend the rest of her life with you.

  11. I must say this is very helpful to everyone of us especially the youths, a nice tips indeed

  12. This one is very very good and great guys please follow all this steps to help in future.

  13. This are wonderful tips. Its indeed helpful. Number seven caught my attention.

  14. Good tips, but must a lady say yes to proposal, just asking shaa

  15. This is so romantic especially the one where. the police gets to arrest you.

  16. This is for all those who are shy and learners to women affiars

  17. I think,i like dis,d way u approach d lady u want to marry matters alot

  18. This is a beautiful proposal I will obliged u guys learn from these.

  19. Really nice I love this tips many a man don’t know how to propose normally before but with this they can do better

  20. Nice one,at least you have given enough insight on how to do the proposing thing.

  21. Very wonderful tips, i saw many ladies getting married this season.

  22. God alamutu you dey ves gan. ..you know fit kneel down propose and that goof information sha

  23. These are good ideas, but there are better ones I wish I can share here.

  24. Hmmm like seriously!!! OK oo waiting for it to happen sha. Its well

  25. The idea is okay but it may not work for everyone.This is because what is good for you might not be good for the other person following different heart desires as designed by our maker

  26. All what they said is true.but some woman of today are not good in character. Every man is just trying to get bet one

  27. Splendid I love this……….it a nice way to propose to a lady……this will enable them to say YES

  28. Thanks for this relationship tips, I know some guys will learn from it…..

  29. Wow that is good, but for me I will proposal to my lovely angel my sweet heart, my one and only with just 100Naira air time. thanks you

  30. Nice tips but I had prefer it to be the ring inside her glass of wine or soft drink when you two are out for dinner

  31. There is no way to do all of these, you have to choose a special one from everything.

  32. What a nice tips of proposing but not all guys proposed in any of this criteria and they have a happy home

  33. A lady who would say NO to a proposal will still say “No” no matter the drama you bring on board to impress her.
    I like to make my things simple and easy.

  34. Nice write up..But I don’t think this should be an 100%guarantee for a lady to accept a guys proposal

  35. The best way to propose to a girl is to show her love and understanding not necessarily on any event.

  36. Its cool anyway but such cheap way of proposing can’t make a lady like me say yes when he has not proving his love for me

  37. to find true love to do that to is not easy cause everybody Is just looking for money

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