10 Ways Married Men Can Stay Away From Single Women

Marriage is a sacred union and should be respected. While it is sometimes difficult to stay away from the eye candy single ladies, men can do better to avoid falling for these unending temptations.

Here are ten ways married men can stay away from single women and remain faithful to their wives.

1. Acknowledge the feeling

Sometimes we cannot avoid the feeling of being attracted to other women other than our spouses. This comes natural and you shouldn’t feel weird about it, rather, the best way to deal with it is by acknowledging that it is just a feeling and it isn’t a problem. It only becomes a problem when you begin to dwell on those thoughts and feelings which might eventually lead to action. It is your responsibility to ensure that you do not act on those thoughts.

2. Avoid Flirting

Men tend to entertain women they find attractive by often flirting both in person and through text. This is very risky, especially if you are trying not to cheat. The more you flirt, the more the thoughts and feelings grow and become more graphic, and it is only a matter of time before you cheat.

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3. Understand that marriage is a commitment

No one forced you to say those vows to your wife, you should always remember that you made a commitment which should not be broken either by you or your wife. Plant in your mind that you stand to lose a lot if you do not stay away from those other women, and always put your partner in your shoes.

4. Spend more time with your wife

If you genuinely want to stay away from other women, take time to appreciate your wife and your marriage. Spend more time with your wife, do intimate things like holding hands, long walks. laugh together and be completely open, even when some other woman is attracted to you. This will gradually relegate every thought regarding cheating to the back of your thoughts.

5. Avoid conversations in that direction

Steer clear from any conversation that emphasizes on other single women, whether with male or female friends. it is normal for men to talk about women when they get together, hence if you are serious about staying away from single]e women as a married man, its best to stay away from such conversations.

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6. Avoid Fantasising

it is unavoidable to feel some form of attraction to other women, however, in other to stay away from them and true to your wife, avoid letting those thoughts linger. The more they linger, the more they graduate from just thoughts to fantasies that you might most probably act upon.

7. Avoid being alone with single women you find attractive

“Flee from all appearance”, this statement cannot be overemphasized, no matter how disciplined or strong-willed a man is, he becomes powerless in the hands of a woman. To avoid regret, ensure that you avoid being alone with single women, especially those you are attracted to.

8. Stay away from situations that could trigger you

If you want to stay faithful to your wife as a married man, stay away from situations that could get you tempted, such as drinking too much or spending too much time in bars and clubs

9. Be responsible for your mindset

Your mindset towards anything matters, if your mind is mature enough to know that only your spouse and your marriage matter and you don’t have to cheat, then your flesh will find it easier you resist other women.

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10. Say No!

Simply say no! Even when you are the “ladies man”, be disciplined enough to say no when it matters.

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Updated: July 31, 2019 — 4:45 am


  1. Infact I see no reason why married men will still be chasing after other women, what’s the difference.

  2. This is very good this serves as a lesson to some married men who still look out at single ladies

  3. It is all down to one’s mindset and mentality, how one composes his or herself

  4. That is good nice write up am really impressed may God help our married men

  5. I wish some men can see this and change from having extra marital affairs.

  6. pray this works for all men, it just that God should help all men.

  7. sometimes it’s just pure greediness that causes it. I just how the men will adhere to this

  8. This is absolutely a lesson to the married couples on achieving a perfect and faithful marriage life.

  9. men really need to stay faithful and avoid single ladies entirely in other to avoid this temptation

  10. You’ve said it all, is now left for our men to act and work on themselves.
    Because marriage is a lifetime commitment and not a child’s play

  11. I hope men will stick to this tips, is very common with them, what they won’t eat they will want to passive it.

  12. it is always the mind set of a man that triggers him to do whatever is nit right befor his wife and God, ladies are very temptful, avoid married men

  13. All these are good tips ,if only all the married men will listen and keep to their marriages and at the same have a beautiful family

  14. The rate of cheating in marriages is increasing,I think the article will help reduce the rate

  15. I believe it depend on oneself you should know what you stand for as a married man or woman, know your do and don’t.

  16. These tips are really awesome and useful because cheating is now regarded as a normal thing.

  17. I so much love this tips married men should try there possible best to stay away from singles

  18. That mean you can stay away but he should able,capable and available to his wife,that mean love is shareble when you have all three

    1. This is a good advice to the married men out there cause marriage is a commitment life time.

  19. This is really good. Because some men of nowadays see having an affair oitside marriage is a normal thing

  20. This is a useful and Godly tips for married to stay away from single ladies

  21. It is all down to one’s mindset and mentality, how one composes his or herself

  22. This tip is very important as it teaches a man the best way to deviate from single ladies after marriage.

  23. I believe that those guide lines will help a lot of married men not to be a victim of that.

  24. All it take is for a man to keep off ladies who can’t bring progress to his life,

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  27. pray this works for all men, it just that God should help all men.

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