10 Cheapest Federal Universities In Nigeria And Their Fees (2019)

Tertiary education in Nigeria is becoming a luxury that the average struggle to afford and the poor find it very difficult to afford; the rich of course don’t even school in Nigeria.

We believe the private sector has contributed more than enough to the educational sector and the government must rise up to its responsibilities and make education as cheap as possible while preserving quality so as not to jeopardize the purpose of education in itself.

No doubt, when it comes to education, you have to as well consider the costs and not just the mental sacrifice. One thing is for sure, education can be expensive, and that is a general perspective all over the world.

Below is a list of the cheapest FEDERAL universities in Nigeria as at 2019 in no particular order;

1.  Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Known for its very fast academic calendar, Federal University of Agriculture is widely regarded as one of the best Universities in Nigeria. Apart from the fact that this institution boasts of topnotch infrastructure, its tuition fees per department is amazingly cheap.

FUNAB is one of the three Universities of Agriculture in the nation, standing tall as one of the best and most sort after.

Some faculties in the department pay as low as N18,250 while some pay up to N33,000.

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2.  Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

This University will not stop advancing. Its standard learning culture and the excellent caliber of lectures is enough to attract anyone to the university.

Being regarded as the best University in Northern Nigeria by many, ABU has maintained her excellent status and undoubtedly remains one of the best universities in the nation.

You might be surprised that the school fees of the prestigious institution also very cheap; ranging from N20,000 to N33,000, depending on the department.

3.  University of Ibadan

What baffles people the most about this university is the way at which they have maintained steady excellent academic record since its establishment in 1948.

It has maintained its status as the first and arguably one of the best universities in Nigeria till date.

The university boasts of the institution with one of the highest numbers of professors in West Africa and remains one of the most sorts after schools according to UTME. The tuition fees ranges from N20,000 to N35,000.

4.  University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos

You would expect a university situated at the heart of the most popular city in West Africa to be relatively expensive.

Interestingly, it isn’t. In fact, UNILAG is one of the cheapest tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

The University, which also maintains a top educational standard, remains among the three most sort after institution in Nigeria.

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Some departments pay tuition as low as N14,500 while some others pay as high as N65,000.

5.  Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife

The school that combines charisma with swagger while maintaining an outstandingly amazing academic standard.

The school’s pride is consistently boosted by the crop of successful alumni the institution keeps producing to add to the already plenty well-known names already in their archive.

It is no cheat that the school is among the most rated in the nation. The school offers one of the cheapest tuition fees in the country. While most faculties pay between N19,500 and N30,000, some few other faculties pay as high as N65,000.

6.  University of Benin

The University of Benin is one of the first generation universities in Nigeria. Since its establishment in 1970, this reputable institution has maintained a learning culture that is enviable and appreciable.

They are among the few institutions that proudly boast of a great number of professors in their radar. The school’s social life is wonderful, with only the University of Lagos and a few other universities boasting of similar social-academic chemistry.

The University is also one of the most affordable when it comes to school fees. Tuition ranges between N13,000 and N49,000 depending on the course.

7.  Bayero University, Kano

Probably the least popular university on this list, that doesn’t stop the fact that this Northern university remains among the best universities in Nigeria.

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The university is strategically located at the heart of the most populous state in the nation. The school fees ranges from N26,000 to N40,000, depending on the faculty.

8.  University of Calabar

This university might not be among the top 5 best universities in Nigeria, but it surely is good enough to be one of the most sort after in the region.

Their educational standard is appreciable and the learning environment is serene. The school’s tuition fee ranges between N30,000 to N42,000 per session, depending on the faculty.

9.  National Open University of Nigeria

This Federal Open and Distant Learning institution is the rst of its kind in the nation. Since its establishment in 1983, this institution has been a success. The tuition fee ranges from N36,000 to N41,000.

10.  University of Abuja, FCT

Located at the heart of the nation, the University of Abuja is regarded as one of the universities with nice learning cultures in the country.

The school has earned special praise for its Faculty of Law, boasting of one of the most organized Student Representative Councils in the country.

The tuition is between N39,300 and N42,300 depending on the faculty.

Updated: August 3, 2019 — 8:21 am


  1. It is a welcome development.. Bit there admission criteria used to be the challenges not their tuition fees

  2. It varies from department ooo they are some department that pays more than the fees listed there.. Especially the professional courses pay higher than that…

  3. The writer didn’t mention federal university of technology minna which is 28250 naira

  4. Thank for this wonderful piece of information this is something I never knew

  5. They are cheap but after the convocation their no job out here everyone is just unemployed in a big country called Nigeria

  6. they should be cheap most federal university are cheap, they subsidised

  7. Yes they are cheap but admission is a big issue and Lecturers intimidating their students is another big problem. Nigeria should fight to standardize their universities with their private counterparts.

  8. they suppose to have a uniform tuition fee In all the federal universities,
    a very long time but now that ave seen this I now remembered again

  9. aside the cheapness you should also consider what they can offer in terms of learning

  10. Its so cheap. But i pray that they will still bring it down,because some of us cannot still pay for that amount self.

  11. They are cheap indeed, but students always experience difficulties in getting admitted into the school unlike the state uni and the rest of them

  12. The school fee are cheep but when you get there now you will hear another amount for the school fee

  13. For real their school fees is very very cheap to avoid is really good

  14. wooooooooooow incredible! I no one has excuses anymore for not going to higher institution

  15. Waoooo, nice one, they so cheap, but some student can milk their parents out.

  16. Truly their tuition fee might be cheap but most of the time their admission is something else.

  17. Wait oo is UniBen and UniCal this cheap? I sincerely doubt that.

  18. All these are some of the best university we have in Nigeria and they happen to be the cheapest and hard to get admission into

  19. All these Nigerian university has turned to something else. Nothing to write home about

  20. thanks for giving me choice on my decision have been waiting for months now.

  21. Thank God,we have cheap universities in Nigeria at least poor parents will be to afford paying their children’s school fees

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  25. Whao this great, how I wish am able to get admission there it will be so easy for me

  26. Going to a cheap institution is good but getting a good job around is not as easy as going to school.Government should provide more job for graduates.

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  28. All the federal university should have the same tuition fee because they are all federal university

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  32. Most Federal universities are cheap, even with the price some parents can’t still afford it with the situation in the country, it takes hell for some to Even pay it

  33. Wow
    Very cheap but the problem is getting admission into them is very hard

  34. This is very helpful and informative piece of article. Thanks a lot.

  35. We Nigerian know all those university .we know that their fee are less.but it is difficult for the poorer to get admission

  36. They are cheap indeed but it’s one thing to be cheap and it’s another thing to be accessible as it is most times difficult to get admission into these universities with merits except with connections

  37. Wow! This federal universities are cheap but the only problem is that to gain admission there isn’t always that easy

  38. The school is cheap that true,,but what of gaining admission into the school??

  39. Yes they have Low fees but to be offered admission into those universities is not easy you spent 3times of the tuition fee

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    But state universities are very expensive. Wish we could see lists of State universities that pay less in fees.

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