Updated: List of Users Not Paid Due to Account Details Not Submitted

Payments for this weekend has been concluded. There are some users who would have gotten paid as well but their account details were missing when they are about to get paid. Remember we released a notice for all users to submit their bank account details afresh after the last maintenance we did due to loss of some data including all users bank account details.

Below is a list of users who missed getting paid due to their missing bank account details

  1. Frankwin80
  2. Goodness10
  3. Chidimma38
  4. Mary24
  5. Nkechibaby
  6. Ainihee
  7. Jude123
  8. Kiddominant
  9. Erasmas

We hereby use this medium to urge users in the list above and all other users who have not submit their bank account details after we came back from maintenance to kindly do so as soon as possible to ensure they are paid whenever they are eligible for payment. To learn how to submit your account details, kindly click https://infoly.com.ng/how-to-submit-you-bank-account-details-for-payment/



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Updated: August 5, 2019 — 2:44 pm


  1. Thanks admin for the recent updates you posted here for some people to check their bank details if is up to date.

  2. Wow…
    Thanks for the information and HONESTY
    Keep it up 🆗🆗🆗

  3. This is showing that 10more need is the best may God continue to to uphold the management

  4. Well we hoping for the best have being filling the withdrawal for more than three weeks now no payment at least an evidence to convince others

  5. Thanks for the information
    I have updated my own
    Those that have not summit should do so

  6. These admin is really sincere , i love their good work.this is the best earning group to belong to.

  7. thanks for the update it was useful I just fill my Bank detail

  8. This is a good one for d sake of transpiracy and accountability so dis is good

  9. Obedience is better than sacrifice ,once they have said that we should fill our bank details let do it now I believe that 10morenews did not have problems any pls help us find the solution

  10. This is great news that means the peoples interest at 10morenews are recognized

  11. Thanks so much for showing us how care you are to us and please all users should always remember that without our account details they is no way they will pay you.

  12. Please 10more news can you please upload like the former the full list of leaderboard so as to know where ones name falls. Thanks

  13. Good of you i think is making more sence now, so we should no wat next

  14. Please let there be a kind of notifications for members who have not submitted their bank details during the week so that payment will be made without delay of bank details.. My suggestion

  15. This is good. At least those affected Can help themselves by updating their account.

  16. We should all know that 10moernews pay according to rangking your name is not on the leaderboard you will not get paid okay we should notice that.

  17. Thanks alot to 10morenews for this vital information long live 10morenews.

  18. I have submitted my withdrawal form for past three weeks now, what’s going on,Am not happy at all.pls 10morenews do the needful please

  19. Hi I fill the withdrawal form yesterday and I didn’t get paid
    What’s wrong

  20. Thanks for the information at least so they can be aware that the fault is coming from them,no one else.

  21. Hi I fill the withdrawal form yesterday and I didn’t get paid
    What’s happening

  22. Alright, thanks so much for the information, will do as u have stated.

  23. Great! You are really honest and trustworthy, you proof that and I like it.

  24. Thanks admin for the recent updates you posted here for some people to check their bank details if is up to date.

  25. That good information hope the people that haven’t submitted their bank acct detailed should do so and me have submit it since and I haven’t get paid …why

    1. Thanks for always keeping us updated on the latest information that benefits us

  26. This is quite thoughtful of you guys 10morenews. Those that are concerned should please do the needful

  27. Please, my recent earning has not been returned due to the site upgrade

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