Withdrawal Policy Updated, Please Check

We have just Update our withdrawal Policy, Please Kindly go and read the updated policy by clicking here https://infoly.com.ng/withdrawal-and-payment-policy/

Drop your thought on the new policy in the comment box below

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Updated: August 2, 2019 — 9:45 am


  1. good,but my earnings before maintenance is not restore of to now, pls do something.

  2. Admin please break it down I don’t really understand this new policy does it mean we must have up to 10000 before we can be paid

    1. yes. it means what you earn is denominated in UAE not naira. 5 UAE = #1. minimum a user must have is 10,000 UAE before requesting for withdrawal. 10,000 UAE = #2000

  3. We must get to #10,000 before we are paid. No problem so long we get our money.

  4. Best preferred that way at least they will be no delay in payment of uae any more

  5. I like this policy this is better than ever. Keep the good work

  6. Okay is alright that way because is almost the same the reference is just small.

  7. This method is better, hope it won’t be changed to the formal again.

  8. Admin just do the right thing we like the first time earner we should have at a least a first time alert to share our testimony to others.

  9. I just love this new withdrawal policy it will help us thnks a lot manager

  10. Seriously.i like the improvement but the priority placement of URE,URE+UAE before UAE .gets me thinking if those with UAE Will ever get paid

  11. That’s a good one, at least there won’t be any wiping of UAE anymore…which makes the revised withdrawal policy a good fit for everyone

  12. I am yet to see my UAE on my dash board, I mean my previous UAE but this isn’t a bad idea

  13. Well it’s a nice Change, at least no more wiping off of our hard earned earnings

  14. I just hope that with all these new rules we will be able to get our cash and secondly I hope that our formal UAE will be returned to us

  15. Nice one,it is good policy. We love it like that.but like what u said just help us increase the earning

  16. please I just want to understand something here, because am a new member registrar, about a week ago. and I have not Earn money yet. my equation is, I have to get 10,000 UAE, and receive #2000 to bank account. and am trying to post cover photo, picture, but I can why?

  17. No problem but try and add up the balances please, we are burning MB here to earn, weather 10k or 20k just add up the balances.

  18. Good and nice terms but please let the updates not affect our earnings

  19. Well this is good. I concur to it .but my UAE I haven’t see it and am not happy for that,, frankly speaking.

  20. It’s good but my balance before maintenance haven’t been added

  21. I like the new policy, it’s ok my me,this is better than the former policy.

  22. this is quite good but my own uae balance is not yet returned and its unfair

  23. Nice and good job job but pls the update should not affect our earnings

  24. Ok since it work that way then for me its ok fine no problem

  25. I love it and it OK by me,just continue with the good work

  26. We’ll it is nice well I think the policy is good if not very good

  27. Throw more light on the 2nd conditions for withdraw of UAE. I don’t really understand what it mean by 10,000= 2000 UAE.

  28. its OK shaaaaa, let’s keep pressing on, I believe that with time they will be through with the maintenance and everything will balance.

  29. To be sincere, I don’t understand the new withdrawal policy. Is it that someone can no longer withdraw UAE till your money is up to 10,000

  30. This is good
    But how do I share what I read here on my Facebook profile

  31. It ok , i think is good or what do we feel, cos is kind of easy nd good

  32. If this new policy keep 10more news going,no problem, so long there is no lapses. Cool for me

  33. Great I think is left for you guys to do the right things. I love this am seeing here thanks

  34. I love this strategy ,so that our earning before maintenance wouldn’t be waste thank you for the policy update

  35. The policy is nice and good but have not yet seen my earnings

  36. sorry i need clearification on 10000=UAE:2000 i need to know more please

  37. Nice one,the policy is good but but our earning before maintenance is not refundable again please kindly help us find the solution

  38. Good morning admin pls can you please help me to understand what it mean by 10,000 UAE=2000 , Dose it mean that withdraw will no longer be when you earn 3k again, what is wiping of UAE. Also my previous earning before maintenance is yet to arrive.

  39. That’s really good but please I don’t really understand because I have not been seeing my earnings since after this maintainance

  40. The new policy is OK. But the only problem is our earnings before the maintenance still haven’t been refunded and we are not hearing any news about it

  41. I agree it’s all right but make sure you do the necessary

  42. It is good tough, I love that but my old UAE before going for maintenance is yet to appear on my dashboard, help with that please

  43. It is ok, keep it up and try add people’s balance before maintenance.

  44. This is good and okay by us all the next things is for you to do what needs to be done

    1. I love this bee method except for the first point where it was said that 5UAE is equal to N1, even though there is no wipe off of UAE again which I really like but then it will take so much longer time to accumulate even N1,500 which is equal to 7,500 UAE

  45. This is good and okay, the rest is left for you people to do the needful

    1. It’s awesome but the payment should just be made at appropriate time.

    2. Is a good policy at least people will have to earn a reasonable amount of money before withdrawal.

  46. It,s fine just make sure the payment is paid at the right time.

  47. OK since it works that way then for me it’s OK and fine no problem

    1. If the UAE is now 10,000 before withdrawal and not 3k again. Pls is too much try cut it down or rather let it still be 3k so that those of us that have not withdrawn can be able to. Or rather explain better maybe I dis not understand

      1. if you look at this critically, u will see that it is better than the previous method whereby no matter the amount of uae u have, 1500 will be paid and the rest will be wiped off. do you think the former method is better?

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